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ORHS’s Best Binge-worthy TV Shows

     With so many options for television shows on so many platforms, it can be hard to know which are worth your time. Luckily, some of ORHS’s tv fanatics have volunteered to help you decide which must-see series to binge next.

     This past summer, many students chose to spend the numerous rainy days making their way through the libraries of Netflix, Hulu, and other platforms in search of the most captivating shows to watch. These enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to provide students at ORHS with a list of series that they deem the most binge-worthy, including a variety of new releases and “oldie-but-goodies.” While skimming through this catalog, you may find a few familiar names, but you are guaranteed to find a hidden gem that makes for a great “stay in on the weekend wrapped up in a cozy blanket with an endless bowl of popcorn” kind of show, just in time for winter weather. You are sure to notice that the options are widely diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they are all great choices for a tv-watching marathon. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling horror, intense mystery, or light sitcom, these shows are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Without further ado, ORHS’s finest TV bingers present their top picks. 

  1. Outer Banks

     After a much anticipated wait, season two of Netflix’s “Outer Banks” was released on July 30th and did not disappoint the fans of season one. Receiving the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Bingeworthy Show in 2020 for its wildly successful first season, this mystery and teen drama was sure to receive attention on our top picks. Brianna Mcinnes (‘22) said that season two of Outer Banks “was really built up… it’s a really popular show all around and is really hyped up on social media.” Set in the fictional island and community of Outer Banks, North Carolina, season one of this epic series concentrates on John B. (Chase Stokes), and his determination to hunt the legendary $400 million treasure that his father died trying to find. Partnered with his tight-knit group of friends, the teens unearth unexpected secrets along their journey, leading to dangerous but exciting situations. “The casting is really good and it’s not like any other shows I’ve seen. The plot is really unique,” said Mcinnes. While each episode leaves the watcher wanting more, the end of season one itself ended on a plot twist and an epic cliffhanger. 

     John Newick (‘24) chose to watch the second season because “season one from last year was very exciting. It was binge-worthy because at the end of each episode was a cliffhanger.” Season two follows the Pogues in their strife to seek justice, reclaim their stolen treasure, and pivot towards hunting a new treasure. In the The EveryGirl article titled “The New Netflix Show I Binged in Two Days,” Jessica Welsh writes that Outer Banks “has that nostalgic, irresistible teen melodrama that we all love, but it also has elements of mystery and suspense that really pull you in. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a mix of Ozark, Riverdale, Gossip Girl, and The Goonies —with a touch of The Outsiders.” This series is sure to keep you jamming the button for “next episode” with its many twists and turns.

  1.  Derry Girls

     Set in the 1990s, the Netflix show “Derry Girls” follows the lives of four Northern Irish teens growing up during the Troubles. “Derry Girls is a great comedy. There’s really never a dull moment with that show,” said Juno Ball (‘23). Receiving multiple awards in past years for its success in comedy, including the British Screenwriter Award for Best Comedy Writing on Television, this slapstick sitcom is sure to make you laugh. In his Vox article “Netflix’s Derry Girls is the Best Teen Show Out Right Now,” Alex Abad-Santos writes, “Derry Girls focuses on that part of life when, as a teen, everything feels urgent. Crushes, concerts, detention, gossip, and cliques dominate its characters’ lives — as is the norm for many teens. The difference here is that the Derry girls of the show’s title are dealing with these staples of adolescence against the backdrop of a 30-year ethno religious clash.” Ball recommends this must-watch show to those “who want a light-hearted laugh but don’t necessarily want something about adults or that feels overdone.”

  1.  That ‘70s Show

     Another classic sitcom, That ‘70s Show revolves around six teenagers living in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin during the 1970s. “I think [it’s a] really funny sitcom… It was set at a different time period which makes it interesting but also relatable,” said Mcinnes. A coming of age story underscored by edgy humor, you are a witness to the characters’ development through the eight seasons of their laughable mishaps and remarkable growth. Highly recommended by Mcinnes because of its “sarcastic humor,” she expressed that she has watched the entire series 7 times. That ‘70s Show is available to stream on Sling.

  1. American Horror Story

     For all of the horror fanatics out there, this show is for you. Voted as Top-rated on Netflix, this Emmy-winning anthology series is directed by Ryan Murphy, the director of Glee. The chilling series consists of nine mini-chronicles that feature different characters, storylines, and haunted locations each season. Ellie Koener (‘22) claimed that this is a key characteristic that makes this show unique. “I like that the show has a lot of plot twists and it’s hard to expect what is coming next. Part of what I think makes it so binge-worthy is the way the story changes every season. I never get bored of it,” she said. 

     Whether you’re freaked out by creepy clowns, murderous nuns, haunted houses, or sinister cults, this show has something for everyone. Just in time for October, TV Insider ranks season two (Asylum) as the scariest season of American Horror Story, followed by season one (Murder House) and season nine (1984). Koener recommends this series to “anyone who likes a show that’s a little bit scary but also has a great storyline. I’d also recommend it to anyone who gets bored of shows easily because it changes so often.”

  1. Attack on Titan

     Recommended by Keegan Horne, this anime action and fantasy series features a civilization living within three huge walls that protect them from man-eating giants (Titans). “I think what makes this show binge-worthy is the fact that almost everything contributes to the plot at some point. It’s also nerve-wracking knowing that none of your favorite characters are ever truly safe [because] any one of them could die at any time,” said Horne. With many unexpected turns of events, it’s difficult to press pause to make more popcorn while watching this. Available on Hulu and Funimation, Horne recommends this show “to anyone who likes bloody action, mystery, and great storytelling.”

  1. Lucifer

     A witty comedy and captivating mystery with a little bit of fantasy thrown in, Mcinnes said that Lucifer appeals to many different audiences. The show follows Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil, who decides to pack his bags from hell and move to Los Angeles, California. NextFlick agreed with Mcinnes in its review of the show: “Lucifer covers a lot of genres – crime because there’s a new murder in each episode, fantasy because you have to believe he’s the Devil, comedy because of its clever and sharp one-liners, drama because of the relationships between the various characters, and romance because of the ‘will they, won’t they’ that plays out between Lucifer and [Chloe] Decker over the seasons.” Mcinnes recommends this Netflix show to “anyone who likes detective shows. If you like criminal minds you will like Lucifer.”

     Given this modest list of shows, ORHS’s acclaimed TV-bingers suggest cozying up with a fluffy blanket and, of course, enjoying a bucket of popcorn to maximize your binging experience. As Netflix and other platforms continue to release shows, be sure to ask any of these sources about the new arrivals and must-sees. A couple of the upcoming series that these bingers are excited about include Stranger Things 4 and season three of Umbrella Academy.

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