Promposals 2.0

You may have told yourself that you didn’t need a date. That’s why you’ve waited until the week before prom to even consider asking that special someone. But how? How do you ask in a way that will flatter your perspective so much so that they say yes? Have no fear MOR is here with the 2017 Promposal guide.


A sign with a corny pun

Something along the line of “we’ll go ham at prom.” Accompany the sign with a related gift, such as a honey roasted ham.


Write a love song

Nothing says go with me quite like a sultry diddy.


Subtweet them

Waiting for that #specialsomeone to #askme #strongindependentwoman


Steal a date

Mini-coopers are the ideal getaway vehicle.


Bring your dog

Finally put that pooch-sized dress to good use.


Bring a ghost

It’s ambiguous and doing pottery after is optional.


VR date

Only everyone else will know you’re alone.


Ask Donald Trump

He already has the spray tan for it.


Hit up the Art Department 

Putting a wig on a coil mug makes a convincing enough date


Impress them with your roller blading




Just don’t tell them it’s junior prom.



Summon a date from the underworld.


An elaborate scavenger hunt

Make sure your date is a real Indiana Jones. If they don’t figure it out they weren’t worth asking.


Pretend to have a date

“She goes to a different school, you don’t know her,” and “She’s in the bathroom,” will be key phrases to pulling off this scheme.


Pretend to be foreign

An accent is necessary., I suggest British or Italian. If in a pickle, Jamaican will do.



Nothing says “go to prom with me,” quite like going down on your hands and knees begging.



Who wouldn’t say yes to pie?


Have someone ask for you

Have your more attractive friend ask your crush for you specifying who they are going with is optional.


Make an Instagram story

Make sure to choose a generic name for maximum opportunities, try “will you go to prom with me Shawn?”


Ask your crush’s sibling

They share 99% of their genes.


Ventriloquist dummy

Make sure it’s not cursed first.


Entice her with your fidget spinner

Show off your digit dexterity.


However you do it, make sure it’s very public. People feel awkward saying no if it’s in front of a crowd.