Double Overtime Drama: Girls Basketball Beats Souhegan

In an intense, double overtime game, the Oyster River girls varsity basketball team took down the Souhegan High School girls varsity team in a 56-51 game. Oyster River girls (4-5) played against Souhegan High School girls (3-6) in a home game on Thursday January 6th. In this intense game, Oyster River girls played hard, especially Abby Deane (‘23), who had a point high of 22.

     The game started with Souhegan winning the ball in the toss up, but it wasn’t long before the girls had won it back and the first basket of the game was made by Abby Deane (‘23). The quarter continued on in a battle between the two teams, with both teams vicious for a victory. By the end of the first quarter, Oyster River held the lead and continued all the way into the second quarter, ending with a score of 27-24, Oyster River.

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During half time, the Oyster River dance team performed. The team gathered, led by their captain, Evy Ashburner (‘22), in a dance to the song Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. However, tragedy struck as the song cut out half way through the dance! This however, did not stop the team from their dance and they continued as the crowd clapped along. Once the music was back up and running however, the dance team went back out there and performed again, this time with no technical issues.

     As the third quarter began, the spectators could feel the tension between the two teams rise. The score fluctuated between both teams, who were desperate to grab the lead. By the end of the fourth quarter, the  game was tied 42-42, sending the teams into overtime. 

     Heading into the first overtime, the heat on the court and the fire in the eyes of the players were flaming. During this overtime, many of the points won by both teams were scored by free throws. They both played hard and gave everything they had on the court. However, the results of their efforts lead to a second tie of 46-46, and a second overtime began.

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     By the time of the second overtime, the girls were tired, but they knew they started this game with the goal to play as hard as they could, and they certainly delivered. Oyster River’s Carmela Williams (‘22) finally brought the score in favor of Oyster River in a free throw. Sophia Duyon (‘24) confirmed the win by scoring the final two free throws in the last second of the game. 

     After the game, Abby Deane (‘23) was proud not only of how her teammates played, but also had a point high of 22. Deane was proud of the way she played and supported her team, saying, “it felt really good. It was kind of that moment where everything just started clicking. I was able to make my shots and I wanted to have the ball, especially when the game was close… It felt good to know I had a contribution during the game.”

    Nicole Casimiro was really proud to see the effort that was put in by her team, as well. “There was never a point honestly that I thought we were going to lose that game… [The players] went at it. They went all out. I saw really positive emotions from all of them.”

     As the season continues, the school can only hope to continue to see the best from their players. The Oyster River girls continue to work hard as the season goes along and there is no doubt that will be seen in upcoming games, such as the home game against Milford High School on January 12th.