About Us

Mouth of the River Mission Statement:

Mouth of the River seeks to reliably inform the student body, as well as the surrounding community, of interesting and newsworthy content in a modern, compelling format. Our goal as a staff is to give voice to the students of Oyster River, and have it heard by all our students. The opinions expressed in Mouth of the River represent those of the writers and staff.

MOR 2019-2020 Staff

Mouth of the River is the official news publication for Oyster River High School. The staff consisting of juniors and seniors works hard during the Journalism 2 class to produce a magazine that is informative and interesting to the ORCSD community. Each year, the students produce four print editions of Mouth of the River which can be found around the school or under the “Print Edition” tab on our website. If you would like to receive a copy of Mouth of the River at your doorstep, click on the “Subscriptions” tab on our website.

To produce the magazine, the staff holds a quarterly Coffee House where singers, instrumentalists, stand up comedians, and artists are provided with the opportunity to share their talents with their classmates in a casual setting. Additionally, the magazine has sponsorships from local businesses. This year we would like to thank:

Adara Salon, The Bagel Works, Young’s, Freedom Cafe, Great Bay Crossfit, AWilsonDesigns, Ellen Ervin Tutoring, Oyster River Boat Works

Meet the Staff:

Joseph Morrell (’20) Joe returns from last year’s staff as a Co-Editor in Chief. He was the former Social Media and Website Manager and said that returning to MOR, “gave me the ability to be well versed and my ability to help other people and I think as Editor in Chief, you have to be able to know how to do a lot of different people’s jobs to help them.” He is planning on going to college and is considering playing college basketball to see where that takes him. Joe is the president of Best Buddies and the Student Athlete Leadership Team as well as being a part of the school’s basketball, soccer, and tennis teams. He also participates in several other activities in school including National Honor Society, Connect Training, Bystander Training, the Mental Health and Mindfulness club.

Susanna Serrano (’20) Susanna is a Co-Editor in Chief this year, she is a returning staff member and was the Ads and Subscription Manager last year. She said that she returned to staff because she said she had a great experience last year. She is an avid skier and races for the high school team and the Gunstock Ski Club. Susanna is also on the ORHS softball team and is a part of NHS. She hopes  to go to a college that’s close to mountains or has a club ski team. She is considering majoring in either political science or American studies in college and then going to law school. Susanna said that being on MOR, “made you stop and think about why you held the opinions that you held and why other people did things the way that they did. I love actually writing something that’s for a purpose rather than just for an assignment.”

Chase Amarosa (’21) Chase is Mouth of the River’s Photo Editor who spends his time skiing, surfing, taking photos, and playing the viola. He is excited to be on staff. “I thought it was so cool how [MOR is] student run and it was a like minded group of people working together, and I just kinda wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to contribute to photography and writing, and I thought it would be really cool to do it.” Chase thinks the magazine is important for the student body, he said that, “sometimes we need a voice to articulate ideas or have someone to inform [the community] of what’s happening, or just to keep the community tight.”

Arianna Antonelli (’19) Ari is the News Editor for MOR and is hoping to be a journalist after high school. She said, “there’s always going to be new news coming out, so we’re always going to need somebody to voice what’s going on. I think that person giving all the information over is so important.” She enjoys writing, skiing, skateboarding, playing electric guitar and bass, and traveling. Ari said she wanted to be on staff because she wants to get a taste of journalism before majoring in it in college. “We need to have somebody to speak for everyone and it’s a daunting task, but MOR’s been doing it. There’s a process behind it and now that I get to be part of that, it just feels great.”

Melanie Banafato (’19) The Multimedia Manager for Mouth of the River this year is Melanie. She enjoys skiing, swimming, and hanging out with friends. She is on the ORHS swim and track teams along with being a student senate member. Melanie wanted to join MOR because, “I just wanted to try it out, see what it’s like. I’ve also heard good things from people who have done it before saying that it was really fun.” She said that another factor was her love for writing, especially in the journalistic style.

Riley Brown (’19) An aspiring journalist, Riley, dreams of someday writing for the New York Times. He is the magazine’s Website Manager this year. He said, “our job at MOR is to tell students, even adults, in the school and community about what’s happening and we have the right to talk about big issues that are actually affecting us.” Riley also hopes to travel. He said, “I’ve always wanted to see different cultures around the world and see how different people live compared to us.”

Isabella Crocco (’19) Bella is the Print and Circulation Manager this year. By joining the MOR staff, she is continuing one of her favorite classes, journalism. She said that, “[MOR] is a great way for other students to get to know people in the high school and the community and what’s going on, and I hope it becomes more of a mainstream thing, school wide.” Bella is also a part of the sustainability club and plans on incorporating sustainable solutions into her writing. Looking to the future, Bella said that she wants to be a singer or songwriter, but she also said that, “I would love to become fluent in Spanish, and then teach English in Spain.”

Sadie Hackenburg (’19) Sadie is the Layout Editor and is interested in both philosophy and writing. She enjoyed the freedom and responsibility of journalism in Journalism 1. Sadie joined MOR because, “it’s a good way for the students to get out issues that they think are important and have more people read about them and form their own opinions to get things done.” Sadie is a part of the high school’s soccer team, unified basketball, spring track, Red Cross club, Photography club, and student government, where she is secretary.

Luca Haines (’20) Luca is the Features Editor this year. He joined MOR because he “really enjoyed journalism. I think it’s a really useful tool, to work on skills in terms of talking to people, reaching out to people, and then writing itself. But I think it’s just super fun and it’s also vital to any community.” In his free time, Luca is involved in all things bike racing, “I’m trying to figure out if I will go to college right away or try to race bikes professionally.” Luca has lived in several places including Budapest, Hungary for six months, and San Carlos, Argentina for three weeks, both in the last two years, and he lived in Texas until fourth grade.

Emily Hamilton (’19) Emily is the magazine’s Content Manager. She said she found a love for writing last year in Journalism 1 that she had never had before. Emily said she enjoys being on staff. “I think it’s really cool to be the first people in the school to hear about these issues and communicate that to people.” She plays the saxophone in the school band and also enjoys cooking, baking, going to the beach, and spending time with friends. Her current plan is to go  to medical school and choose a career in the medical field.

Zachary Jones (’19) Zak is the Sports and Culture Editor for MOR. He wanted to join staff because, “I thought it would be a great experience to get to meet new people, and I wanted to have a voice in what the community says.” Zak enjoys being with his friends and running for the school’s track and cross country teams along with being a part of Math Team. He’s not sure what he’ll do after high school, but he thinks that it will probably be something math related.

Carissa Miller (’19) Carissa is this year’s Business Manager. She said she wanted to join MOR because, “I think it’s a really fun opportunity to really be a part of the school. I feel like MOR is something that really benefits our community. It gives a way for students to have an outlet to write about what they are passionate about.” She enjoys playing on the basketball and softball teams for ORHS. Carissa is thinking of going to college for either business management, journalism, or communications and broadcasting.

Sean Moriarty (’20) For Marketing Director, Sean, Mouth of the River was always something he wanted to be a part of. “The first time I saw it as a freshman, I thought, ‘this seems really cool.’ It’s just something I always wanted to do. I like writing and I think sports journalism’s probably what I’m going to minor in college.” He is thinking of going to business school, hopefully in Boston, MA, and enjoys hockey, video games, and graphic design. He plays for the school’s hockey team, although he joked, “I’m not good at it, but I play it.”

Holly Reid (’21) The Op-Ed Editor this year is Holly. She is on student senate, part of Best Buddies and NHS, and she also enjoys club team rowing, hanging out with friends, ski racing, and other outdoor activities. Holly said that, “[MOR] is a way to connect to students and parents, or teachers, and pretty much everyone and get educated on news going on in the school, or just in the community or topics that people might not have been aware of before.” She wanted to join MOR because, “I really just loved the journalistic style of writing and I thought it would be super fun and a really unique class to take and just get to learn more about the community and improve as a writer.”

Alden Swiesz (’21) Alden is the Schedule Manager for MOR. He wanted to join because, “the fact that [Journalism 1] was more than just writing essays and reading and all that just made me realize how much I like the subject, and so I felt that I would have a really fun time doing MOR.” Alden plays on varsity teams for OHRS with hockey, baseball, and soccer. Alden said he sees himself having a sports related career in the future, either sports journalism, or sports management.

Ellis Tonkin (’21) Ellis is the Social Media Manager. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, biking, playing baseball, and generally anything outdoors. He has been on the high school’s varsity baseball team since freshman year. He wants to play baseball in college and is thinking of going into business or sports management. He wanted to join MOR because, “I think it’s a really interesting way to spread your voice to the community and school. I don’t think there are a lot of opportunities to do that in everyday classes, so I think MOR is a really unique opportunity we have in school.”