About Us

Mouth of the River Mission Statement:

Mouth of the River seeks to reliably inform the student body, as well as the surrounding community, of interesting and newsworthy content in a modern, compelling format. Our goal as a staff is to give voice to the students of Oyster River, and have it heard by all our students. The opinions expressed in Mouth of the River represent those of the writers and staff.

MOR 2021-2022 Staff

Mouth of the River is the official news publication for Oyster River High School. The staff consisting of juniors and seniors works hard during the Journalism 2 class to produce a magazine that is informative and interesting to the ORCSD community. Each year, the students produce four print editions of Mouth of the River which can be found around the school or under the “Print Edition” tab on our website. If you would like to receive a copy of Mouth of the River at your doorstep, click on the “Subscriptions” tab on our website.

To produce the magazine, the staff holds a quarterly Coffee House where singers, instrumentalists, stand up comedians, and artists are provided with the opportunity to share their talents with their classmates in a casual setting.

Meet the Staff:

Bhavana Muppala (’22)

Bhavana is a senior, as well as one of the Editors in Chief and a returning member for MOR. Bhavana likes to keep herself involved in school activities. She is a member of SALT, FBLA, as well as indoor and outdoor track. Bhavana loves the outdoors, but you could never catch her there in the winter due to her intense hate of cold weather. In the summer however, you can find her on beach trips or getting ice cream with her friends. In the future, Bhavana plans on a public health major, getting her on the premed track to becoming a doctor somewhere warm.

Laura Slama (’22)

Laura is a senior, as well as one of the Editors in Chief and another returning member for MOR. Since freshman year, Laura has had the goal to be on the staff of MOR. She joined to share her perspective and thoughts with the community. When not writing articles, Laura can be found spending time with her family and two dogs, Mia and Anani. She also enjoys exploring her culinary skills, which includes trying lots of new recipes. Outside of the kitchen, you can find Laura in the net as the girls Varsity soccer teams goalie. Laura wants to attend college in Florida, majoring in marine biology.

Tess Brown (’23)

Tess is a junior, as well as the News Editor for MOR. Outside of editing, Tess can be found playing both Unified Soccer and Volleyball. She enjoys time with her friends doing all kinds of activities. She also enjoys thrifting and all things spooky. She has a dog named Emmet too. In the future, Tess wants to focus on a career in psychology and wants to make sure to have writing of any kind involved while hopefully studying at Salem State in Massachusetts.

Zoe Selig (’23)

Zoe is a junior this year, as well as the Features Editor for MOR. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dogs, Scout and Jazz in ORNA. She also enjoys working with the Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion Committee. Zoe sees herself working in a career where writing is definitely involved.

Libby Davidson (’23)

Libby is a junior, as well as the Layout Editor for MOR. When not diving into new leads, Libby can be found diving into the pool, swimming for the Seacoast Swimming Association. She also enjoys experimenting with her baking skills and spending time with her three corgis, Maisy, Baxter and Poppy. Journalism 1 was one of her favorite classes she’s taken at ORHS and Libby loves the journalistic style of writing. In college, Libby hopes to be a part of a swim team, working on her skills.

Lauren Hoppler (’22)

Lauren is a senior this year, as well as the Op-Ed Editor for MOR. Outside of the newsroom, she enjoys time with her chubby, orange tabby, Hazel as well as spending time with family and silly adventures with friends. Lauren as well has a secret talent for juggling. In her future, her main priority is to be happy, as well as have fun.

Annie Doherty (’22)

Annie is senior this year, as well as the Business Manager for MOR. In her free time, Annie works at a Barrington After School Care program as well at the New England Dragway. She enjoys reading, practicing Tarot Cards, as well as practicing horseback riding and dance. In the future, Annie will be going to school for nonprofit management.

Evy Ashburner (’22)

Evy is a senior, as well as the Business Manager for MOR. When not managing budgets or the quarterly Coffee House, she’s running the Oyster River Dance Team, a team she founded. Evy founded the Women’s Rights Club, and is a senior member of the Sustainability Club. She loves baking, specifically cupcakes and cookies and drinking iced chai lattes. She also actively does aerial dance. In the future, Evy wants to work in the fashion business when she is older.

Caitrin Ferris (’22)

Caitrin is a senior, as well as the Multimedia Editor for MOR. Caitrin is the owner of two pets, a cat named Sochi, and a dog named Loki. She has two younger sisters as well. In her spare time, you can find her on the lacrosse field, or at the beach. She loves the color green and mint ice cream. Caitrin joined MOR to build her skills as a writer, as well as write stories important to her that she could share with the community.

Hannah Muessig (’22)

Hannah is a senior this year, and is in charge of the Photography and Art for MOR. Hannah is an active cross country runner for the school’s team, as well as a pro on many different instruments. She has an active love for photography, specifically landscapes and portrait photography. She prioritizes her academics and friends. She hopes after attending college to work in a field of bio med, physical therapy, or public health communications.

Jen Newick (’22)

Jen is a senior this year, as well as the Sports and Culture Editor for MOR. Jen plays three sports, which includes field hockey, softball, and ski racing. She spends her free time with her family boating, as well as heading up north on her weekends and spending time with friends. She wants her college education to focus on exercise science, as well as earning a masters in athletic training.

Allan Rucker (’23)

Allan is a junior, as well as the Marketing Manager for MOR. Outside of MOR, Allan enjoys being out on the slopes snowboarding. He also enjoys being with his pet python, Kaa.

Emily Jackman (’22)

Emily is a senior, as well as the Digital Manager for MOR. She enjoys her free time with painting, shopping, as well as working with kids. Someday in the future, she plans to be a teacher, while at the same time, working to receive the credentials needed to become a school psychologist.