About Us

Mouth of the River Mission Statement:

Mouth of the River seeks to reliably inform the student body, as well as the surrounding community, of interesting and newsworthy content in a modern, compelling format. Our goal as a staff is to give voice to the students of Oyster River, and have it heard by all our students. The opinions expressed in Mouth of the River represent those of the writers and staff.

MOR 2019-2020 Staff

Mouth of the River is the official news publication for Oyster River High School. The staff consisting of juniors and seniors works hard during the Journalism 2 class to produce a magazine that is informative and interesting to the ORCSD community. Each year, the students produce four print editions of Mouth of the River which can be found around the school or under the “Print Edition” tab on our website. If you would like to receive a copy of Mouth of the River at your doorstep, click on the “Subscriptions” tab on our website.

To produce the magazine, the staff holds a quarterly Coffee House where singers, instrumentalists, stand up comedians, and artists are provided with the opportunity to share their talents with their classmates in a casual setting.

Meet the Staff:

Emily Hamilton (’21)

Emily is Editor in Chief this year after gaining experience as Content Manager last year. Emily’s favorite thing about MOR is “being able to share stories to the community, instead of just having the teacher read it like most high school classes.” Emily loves all types of music and her Spotify recap every year is very diverse. “It has everything from 60s/70s hippie music like the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac, to One Direction, to Kanye, to Glee.” Emily loves music so much that she’s been doing band for eight years. Emily is planning to major in biology and hopes to one day be a doctor.

Holly Reid (’21)

Holly is Editor in Chief this year. She was also on staff last year as the Op-Ed Editor. Holly enjoys being outdoors in general and some of her favorite activities are rowing and skiing. She is on the crew team and also skis competitively for the school. Holly’s favorite part of MOR is “that we get to engage with the community in a unique way and write about things that we care about. The class environment is also super fun and positive, and unlike any other class I’ve been in.” Holly’s go-to song to listen to in the car depends on the day, but in general it’s the song she hasn’t overplayed the week before.

Chase Amarosa (’21)

Chase is a returning staff member this year, and is now utilizing the skills that he learned as Photo Editor last year in his new job as the team’s Multimedia Editor. Chase loves photography in and out of class. He also enjoys skiing and surfing, and has recently developed a passion for collecting plants. He hopes to one day pursue a career that has something to do with sustainability. “Making sure the generations to follow are able to experience the world the way I have been able to is very important to me.”

Arianna Antonelli (’21)

Ari is the Content Manager on staff this year and last year was the staff ’s News Editor. “I want to major in journalism and the dream is to work on a magazine later in life, so the more time I work on journalism, the better. I just love talking to people about things they’re passionate about,” said Ari. Ari has also been an avid alpine skier since she was two. “I also love skiing in the woods, weaving in between trees, even if I’ve broken a couple bones from it.” Her other hobbies include playing guitar and bass, skateboarding, and taking film photographs.

Liam Ashburner (’21)

Liam is the Photo Editor this year. Photography is one of Liam’s main hobbies but he also enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Drag Race, and trying new foods. Liam has the right pair of sunglasses for any occasion and he uses the entire chapstick before losing it. Liam wanted to join the staff because “it provides an opportunity to use writing to make a change and bring awareness to things going on that affect everyone in the Oyster River community.”

Isabella Crocco (’21) 

Bella returns this year to the staff, this time as the Features Editor, her job last year being Distribution Manager. “My favorite part about being on the staff of MOR is having the ability to reach a larger audience with my writing than I would on my own,” said Bella. In her free time, Bella enjoys painting, playing guitar, making earrings, and spending time with friends. Her special talents include raising one eyebrow and singing. Her dream job changes almost daily, but currently it is to own her own art gallery.

Megan Deane (’21) 

Megan is the News Editor on staff this year. She has a passion for journalism and has been showcasing her talents with her very own podcast “What in the world?” She is considering a career in journalism but is keeping her options open and is also considering things like political science or psychology. Her hero is Angela Davis because she is “kickass” and her ideal Sunday would be waking up early for a hike and then getting breakfast with friends.

Owen Fleischer (’21)

Owen is the Schedule Manager for the staff. Owen joined MOR because he likes to write journalistically and he has always enjoyed Mr. Kelly’s classes. When asked about his dream job Owen said, “if climate change wasn’t a pressing issue, and I didn’t feel compelled to fix any shortcomings in our current society, I would not be employed and would roam the Earth seeking adventure.” However, because climate change is a real issue, Owen is considering various jobs involving marine biology and can identify almost any fish from just a picture.

Ella Gianino (’21)

Ella is the Op-Ed Editor. Ella has been class president all four years of high school and is very passionate about politics. “Political activism is a priority for me, but I also like to bake, cook, and read.” Her hero is Kamala Harris. Ella applied to MOR because, “I think it’s a great Oyster River tradition, and I wanted to participate in sharing stories and information with the community, while amplifying students’ voices.”

 Sade Hackenburg (’21)

Sadie was the Layout Editor on staff last year and is this year’s Creative Director. Sadie has played soccer all four years of high school, as well as doing track and unified basketball. She is also the senior class secretary and is a part of Robotics Club and Red Cross Club. Sadie decided to apply to MOR a second year because “not only did I enjoy the writing aspect of the class, but also all the behind the scenes work that went on in order to have an issue, like shooting the cover photos or doing the layout.”

Foch Lovejoy (’21)

Foch is the Social Media Manager. He applied to MOR because, “I thought that it would be a fun and great experience being a part of a class that is primarily directed by the students. I think of myself as a strong writer and I liked the idea of writing for more than just a grade.” Foch enjoys baseball, going to the gym, bridge jumping with friends, and playing video games. When asked if he had any secret talents, Foch said, “Reading minds. I can’t do it with everyone and anytime but it typically surprises people when I do it.”

Bhavana Muppala (’22)

Bhavana is this year’s Layout Editor. “I absolutely loved Journalism 1…I could connect with the student body about important issues. And obviously, I want people to stay in the loop about what’s happening in the community, so I felt MOR was the way to do that,” said Bhavana. Outside of class, she does both indoor and outdoor track. She is also an active member of SALT and loves going on adventures in the great outdoors and trying new things. When she’s older, Bhavana wants to travel all over the world and then become a psychiatrist.

Laura Slama (’22) 

Laura is the Website Manager this year and applied because “I love to write and really wanted to share my perspective on issues and events with the community.” She plays soccer year round and has been the goalie for the girls varsity team for two years now. Laura enjoys being outside, but prefers to be in warm places like Hawaii and Australia, where she hopes to move one day. She also is very skilled at word games. “I can beat anyone in games like Boggle or Scrabble.”

Alden Swiesz (’21)

Alden has returned to staff and is the Sports and Culture Editor this year, his job last year being Schedule Manager. Alden is active in many sports and has been for all of high school. “I play baseball, hockey and soccer, all for the school’s varsity teams. Hockey is my favorite, though, and the one that I want to pursue after high school,” said Alden. Alden also enjoys playing piano and listening to music. He decided to return to staff this year because “I loved the fact that it felt less of a class and more like a big group project.”

Madla Walsh (’21) 

Madla joins the staff as Business Manager. “I really like writing… I also heard about it from all my friends and I wanted a chance to keep trying journalism because I think it’s so fun,” said Madla on why she joined. Along with writing, Madla enjoys photography, painting, and playing softball. Madla is also a vegetarian, she loves to travel, and an ideal morning would be “to not even see the morning and sleep in until noon, and then make myself a bagel, then probably reading or painting, something zen, before going out to hang out with my friends.”

Ethan Wilson (’21)

Ethan joins the staff this year as Marketing Director. Ethan enjoys playing soccer, which he has played through the school since his freshman year. He is also on the ski team and enjoys surfing and spending time with friends. Ethan joined MOR because he “wanted to do something that actually makes an impact in the community and thought it would be a cool and fun class.” His favorite part is that he can choose what to write about and research. When asked if he had any talents, Ethan said, “I can’t snap,” and his biggest pet peeve is loud typers.