Oh Deer!

By Jake Garner

     Last Thursday afternoon, September 17th, a physical education class witnessed a deer run out of the woods, across the athletics field, and hit two parked cars in the the lower senior parking lot. The deer bumped into to Gabriella Trombley’s (’16) car, smashing her windshield, only to hit Matt Jones’s (’16) car, leaving a hefty sized dent on the right side of the vehicle.

     P.E. teacher John Morin radioed in the parking permit numbers to Principal  Mr. Allen and Assistant Principal Mr. Milliken who was able to verify that the cars belonged to Trombley and Jones.

“We get this call from Mr. Morin that ‘a deer just ran across the field and smashed into two cars.’ The office was already pretty hectic so this just added to the mayhem,” said Milliken.

Jones was surprised when he heard the news that a deer ran into his parked car. “The ironic thing was that I was in environmental science class out in the woods and we actually saw a deer. Later, as we were heading back inside, Mr. Bromley got a phone call that the deer we just saw hit my car,” explained Jones. “I laughed because I thought Bromley was kidding, but nope, he wasn’t kidding”

Trombley was really confused when the information came her way.

     “I was in piano class when Mr. Milliken came in and asked me if I had parked in  junior lot today. I was really confused and said no because I was parked in lower senior. Mr. Milliken came back a second time and verified that the parking permit on the car that got hit was mine, so we headed out to the junior lot. When we didn’t see Mr. Allen in junior lot, we realized it was infact in senior lot, and it was my car that got hit.”

     Mr. Milliken thought this was happening in junior lot along.

Amongst the unfortunate mishaps, both Trombley and Jones dealt with the bad news with ease. “I found it amusing! It’s not everyday you can say that a deer ran into your parked car,” said Trombley jokingly.

     Fortunately, Trombleys’ windshield was in reasonable condition for her to drive home and her insurance company covered the damage.

     Jones said he doesn’t plan on fixing the dent anytime soon.