How Well Do You Know Me?

By Owen Kurtiak

     “My partner, Laurel, and I have what it takes to win because we’ve known each other for so long and we are always together, we tell each other everything,” said contestant in this year’s Besties Baes and Bros, Phoebe Lovejoy (19’).

     On March 10th at Oyster River High School the junior class hosted a game show night called Besties, Baes, and Bros. The contest featured couples, best friends, and siblings that think they know each other the best. The pair that answered the most questions correctly moved on and eventually became the winner. This years winners were the Schmitt sisters, Katie and Abby. The event was also a fundraiser for the prom, so the more people that showed up, the less expensive the tickets for prom would be. The junior class raised exactly $1000 from this years show.

     This is the second year that the show has taken place with the name of “Besties, Baes, and Bros.” In the past the show was called “Friends with Benefits,” like the popular RomCom featuring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, but the name has since been changed. “I thought last year’s show was very entertaining. I underestimated it and am looking forward to this year. The contestants looked as if they were enjoying it and having a good time on stage,” said Noah Cleary (‘18).

     The friends category was well represented by Kevin Kerrigan (‘16) and Colin Runk (‘16) who have been friends for years. Best friends were challenged to answer questions like: What brand of shoes best describes him? Answers ranged from Nike to Uggs to Vans.

     In addition to having the friends category, a few contestants competed in the show as siblings.  Max and I get along very well and have known and lived with each other our whole lives, plus we have the same DNA, so we have an advantage over the other types of partners,” said Sierra Carpenter (‘17), who entered with her brother Max (‘19).

     The last category of the show was the couples part, and as before they were competing against other couples to see who knows each other the best. “Holly and I have been together for a year and two months, give or take a couple days, which left us at a disadvantage compared to the Bros or some Besties who have known each other much longer, but we both have learned a ton about each other and I thought that we did pretty well,” said Tyler Moore (‘17).

     “I thought the questions were good. It’s hard to write questions like that so I give the people who came up with them a lot of credit to create fun and appropriate questions,” said contestant Caroline Wilson (17’), who made it to the finals with her sister Hannah Jane Wilson (‘18).

     In the end, the winners were Katie Schmitt (’17) and her sister Abby (’19) who answered every question thrown their way. It was clear they are sisters who know each other well.

     “I thought the turnout was pretty good. Mr. Milliken did a great job of entertaining the audience and keeping everyone interested throughout the show,” said Runk.