Prom 2016 Preview

By Andrea Staples

     “Prom is super fun regardless of how into the whole thing you are. Even if you’re not super into dressing up or dancing, there will be so many people there to hangout with and talk to,” says Kristin Short (‘17), member of Oyster River High School’s Prom Committee.

     With Prom 2016 coming right around the corner many students are wondering what will make this year’s special. The theme Classique Magnifique was chosen for this year by the ORHS Prom Committee, which entails a classy night at the Red Barn in South Berwick, Maine. The committee has been planning all year trying to address complaints from last year’s prom, and if you’re attending prom this year you’re in for an elegant night of fun.

     Classique Magnifique was chosen due to its simplicity yet chic attributes. “[It’s] elegant. There will be gold and black and minimal decorations that compliment the Red Barn,” says Short.


     The Red Barn is charming on its own, so by choosing a minimalistic theme the committee was hoping to enhance the location’s natural beauty rather than overpower it. “From what I’ve heard the Red Barn has been perfect in past years so I’m really excited that we are having it there again this year,” says Alice Sperry (‘17), another member of prom committee.

     Throughout the planning process, the committee was stuck between deciding if they would rather spend a lot of money on a photo booth or on a DJ. “People take pictures before prom, and there were a lot of complaints about the DJ from last year’s prom, so it seemed that spending more money on a good DJ would be best for students’ enjoyment,” says Kelsie Poplawski (‘17), another member of the prom committee.

     Emma Larson (‘16) who attended Prom 2015 exemplified Poplawski’s opinion on where to put the budget saying, “Some of the songs played [at Prom 2015] could have been better. They played some of the typical songs you would expect but I know a lot of the people didn’t know some of the songs and found they were hard to figure out if it was a slow dance or not.”

     This year’s music at prom will be hosted by Revolution based in Eliot, Maine, which costs approximately $800. “Based on the reviews I think the guy we got is going to be really good,” says Sperry. If you’re interested in requesting songs,  submit your requests through Revolution Studios’ online contact form: . The committee is still trying to configure an easier method to send song requests, and will update the junior and senior classes when they know.

     “I went to prom my sophomore year and it really made me want to join prom committee this year so that I could have a say in how to make this year’s prom amazing. I am definitely looking forward to Prom 2016, I think we as a committee worked really hard to make it special,” says Sierra Carpenter (‘17).


     Overall, the prom committee has put in an ample amount of time and effort into the success of Prom 2016, and if you’re planning on not going you should definitely reconsider. “Most people think that to go to prom you need a date, but you can have just as much fun going with a group of friends and it’s really an experience that is great to look back on when you’re older,” says Poplawski.