Spirit Day

Friday marked the culmination of Spirit Week at ORHS, kicking off the field day with the pep rally in the gymnasium. Classes divided into four tall rows in the bleachers, going from freshmen on the left, then sophomores, juniors, and finally seniors.

Each class then sent representatives to compete in a variety of activities, including musical chairs, tug of war, knockout, and limbo. Juniors started off on a good note, winning the run around tennis, limbo, and musical chairs competitions. Freshmen then scored a close victory in the scooter races. The Oyster River Staff came out to play today as well, dominating the tug of war and knockout, beating seniors for first place in both activities.

Seniors earned first place in an ongoing activity that spanned spirit week, however, called the “Responsible Citizen” competition. The 2016-2017 school year is being called the year of the responsible citizen at ORHS, with teachers, counselors, and administrators putting an emphasis on practicing qualities of a responsible person. The idea is that when any teacher sees a student from a certain class do something admirable towards others or their community in school, that class gets a certain amount of points for the action. Freshmen came in 2nd in this competition, with juniors and sophomores following behind for 3rd and 4th.

The pep rally finished with a well deserved lunch outside, where the cafeteria staff cooked up burgers and hot dogs for the students. Class sports came after lunch – find the live tweeted results on twitter @MORmagazine.

Writer: Thomas Cote

Photographer: Thomas Cote