Student of the Week: Rusat Latulippe

Hey Oyster River! I’m here as a guest writer for the second student of the week profile. As you know each week an ORHS student is selected at random. We get to know them and write up a little profile of their life and interests. I hope you enjoy this week’s Student of the Week article, featuring Rusat Latulippe!

Latulippe grew up in India, and didn’t move to the United States until he was three years old. When he first got to the U.S., he lived in Somersworth and went to Tri-city Christian Academy. He ended up skipping first grade there. He then went to St. Mary’s Academy in Dover until 8th grade. After that, he moved to Durham, where he currently resides. Latulippe is a senior at ORHS this year.

Q and A with Rusat:

What was your childhood dream job?

“I always wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals so I thought it would be really cool to help out animals. But then I realized that you need to go to vet school, and that’s an extra four years in school. So I decided to change to computer engineering.”


What is your biggest fear?

“Probably either drowning or the dark. I used to watch a lot of scary movies when I was younger so the dark always kind of freaked me out. And then drowning, it’s just kind of scary.”

Who is your inspiration in life?


“My parents are my inspiration, they always inspire me to do great things and work harder, they always push me to do my best.”


Do you have any plans for college?


“I want to get my masters in either finance or computer engineering. I applied to UNH and UMass Amherst for early decision. I’m applying to UConn, UMD College Park, and Penn State for regular decision.”


What is your favorite food?


“Definitely Chipotle. I love mexican food, pretty basic. I get a chicken burrito, or barbacoa with cheese and sour cream and mild salsa, and black beans.”


Would you rather own a lake house or a beach house?


“I would definitely rather own a lake house. I like more secluded areas, and saltwater is kind of nasty.”

Latulippe shared some fun facts about himself. The hardest classes he’s taken are AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and Computer Science 414 at UNH. He owns two chowchow dogs named Peanut and Pippin. His favorite color is red and his dream car would be a Ferrari. When asked what one of his biggest secrets was, Latulippe said that he was a pretty open book, and couldn’t really think of any secrets.

In the future, one of the most important things to Latulippe is having a financially secure job and a nice family. He also really wants to be able to travel because he really enjoys vacationing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this second edition of the Student of the Week! Who knows, maybe your name will be picked next week!

Written by Anna-Kate Munsey