Cancer ~ June 21 – July 22


Emotions run high this time of the year; don’t let that change the rational decisions you should make. Venus also has settled by you during this month and she’ll stay for a while. That special someone is closer than you think, but don’t be too clingy when the ball finally starts to roll.

For the next group assignment, consider your options before committing to one choice. One decision can make it or break it for you so choose wisely. Also, please please PLEASE return that overdue book you checked out! Mrs. Pierce has been wondering where it has gone and another student really needs it.

Right before your drift off into a deep slumber, check that your door is exactly opened one inch; no more, no less. It may be annoying, but do you really want to anger Morpheus and be peppered with vivid nightmares for the rest of the month? He’s feeling quite sick right now so just make his life a little easier.

Don’t succumb to the stress! You are likely to be inundated with things to do, but like what every airline advises, “help yourself before helping others.” Take up a new hobby like laser tag, tree climbing, or even astrology. Take a chill pill and relax duuude. Let the mellow waves of life catch you outside under the sun.

Leo ~ July 23 – August 22


An interesting experience will present itself to you in the middle of the month – some competition, creativity, and possibly romance may intertwine as well. Although it is advised for you to take a chance, be more reserved and carefully observe what happens around you.

April is the month to test out your luck. Your natural instinct to seek more thrill in life will come in handy the next time you find yourself in a risky situation. Trust your gut and give whatever you’re thinking of a whirl! Just be careful when you’re scrolling 176 weeks deep into someone’s profile; they definitely will see that accidental like.

Financially, there may be some problems. Lay off those daily morning BNG and Aroma Joe’s and put that $180 dress on your wishlist for now.

During this month, you will develop a random habit. Whether it’s biting your nails or needing to pet your cat 17 times before you cough, it won’t be too much of a hindrance in your daily life. To prevent a habit from becoming permanent, you’ll need to dab everytime you sneeze.

Virgo ~  August 23 – September 22


As for your relationships, they should be relatively mellow. If possible, try to avoid the cafeteria staff though – you might accidentally start a minor spat between y’all. You’re a people person; you’ve got everything under control.

You’re finally going to uncover that secret you’ve been wondering about. What you choose to do with it can change everything. Be careful as to how you choose to divulge the newly found information if at all – enemies can appear out of what seems to be nowhere.

Someone will try to sway your opinion and attempt to take over, but don’t let them! Be a boulder and stand your ground! Show them who you can be. You may usually be the easy going guy or gal, but this encounter is not the time to be so passive. The results may be a pleasant surprise if you let it play out.

You will be having many weird dreams throughout this month, but only a few will be remembered. Beware of the caterpillar in the dream world. To fend off any potential nightmares, take a bath complimented with a lavender bath bomb.

Libra ~ September 23 – October 22


You sure are feeling spunky at the beginning of the month Libra! Sparks fly with every step you take. Don’t be afraid to take chances in the first few weeks of April, be flirtatious, friendly, and daring.

You are so full of ideas, so don’t be afraid to try things you haven’t done before! Paint with only neon colors, try a smoothie in the cafeteria, compliment a stranger or ask your crush out on a date.

Near the middle of the month, you should expect some new developments in your professional or academic life. This time might get stressful but if you maintain that fun and optimistic attitude, you’ll not only get through this time, you’ll thrive in it! Keep track of your social media accounts though… the last person who hacked you is lurking around and has found a whole new collection of embarrassing posts.

Also, remember, that sandwich you’re thinking about eating may not be a sandwich at all. Beware.


Aquarius ~ January 20 – February 18


You are expecting an absolutely lovely month Aquarius! You feel a certain sense of happiness that you might not have felt in a while. Make sure to bank on this feeling, and not let little distractions take it away from you.

There will be a few emotional stumbling blocks towards the end of the month, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Make sure to build up your relationships with your friends and family during the month so you won’t be blindsided by any potential drama.

Keep your wits about you while driving home at night, remember to put something (a backpack or laptop case would work well) in the passenger seat as to not invite anything in. This is crucial, especially when driving past large open fields or heavily wooded areas. Try not to think about this too much, they will be able to tell.

Make sure to stay grounded in the last days of this month, be able to recognize your strengths and your limits. Even though there may be many tempting opportunities, be careful not to overexert yourself! Relaaaaaax.

Pisces ~ February 19 – March 20


You are filled with ideas in the first weeks of this month Pisces. Your dreamy and creative attitude has sparked all kinds of creative thoughts. Try a lot of new things in these first weeks. Not all of them are bound to work out, but you definitely won’t regret the ones that do.

Your indecisiveness may prove to be a bit of an issue heading towards the middle of the month. Deep down, you know what you want; stop fooling yourself into thinking it’s something else! There are endless possibilities that you can’t help but go through, so talk to one of your earth-sign friends to keep you grounded through this time.

You will meet a beautiful woman in a dream this week. She isn’t human; you can tell by her abnormally long fingers, extraordinary height, and hair that floats like smoke. She’ll offer to grant you one wish in return for a favor that you will have to fulfill later. Don’t accept.

Make sure to lend a helping hand near the end of the month. Some friends may be struggling during this time, so take some time to support them and give some of that love you have so much of.

-Written by Megan Wu and Lily Mangan