Bumped Up

May 22nd marked the Oyster River High School girls’ lacrosse team win against Goffstown’s team at home, 7-6. This win guaranteed them a spot in the playoffs by bumping their overall ranking to 7th.

Throughout the entire game, OR’s midfielders, Madeline Alphonse (‘19), Abby Schmitt (‘19), and Allison Marshall (‘19), won the majority of draws which guided the team towards their victory. The OR goalie, Gabbie Haug (‘19), made two key saves during the last minute of the game allowing for them to go into overtime. Both teams played exceptionally well, but Rose Mroczka (‘17) pulled OR ahead in the first minute of sudden death overtime by rolling the crease.

This season was very different from the ones before – the girls went from being in DIII to DII. Since ORHS has become bigger in size with more students joining this district, the school size puts the sports teams into DII. Although the overall school size has increased, the girls lacrosse team has not grown proportionally. As a result, the OR girls lacrosse team is the smallest in this division.

“We found it hard for our lineup to be consistent since most teams have ten or more subs and we only have five,” explains Kristin Short (‘17). Despite being bumped to a more competitive division this season, the girls have been doing a lot better than what they expected and the start of the season. “In fact, compared to last year, we are technically doing much better,” said Short.

Being small in numbers has given them an advantage though. “We have the same midfielders for every game and our offense and defense are almost always the same. That being said, we know what to expect from each other and can work really well with that. People sub into the same positions so we know where everyone is, we know how everyone plays, and it has really helped us,” said Short.

Co-captain Rose Mroczka (‘17) explained that, “Coach Emily Rodgers brings this sense of experience and excitement to the team so that we are able to focus and get done what we need, but still have fun. With her spirit and the spirit of a lot of the underclassmen helped us get along,” which resulted in a closer-knit team.

Playoffs start next Wednesday and the girls are aiming to win. Mroczka said that, “regardless of the outcome, we’ve worked very hard this season to be successful in DII and if we carry that same tenacity over to playoffs, I think that’s something I would be proud of.”