5 Things To Do For Yourself This Valentine’s Day

One of Tyler O'Connell's creations.

Valentine’s Day: the most wonderful time of year for teenagers in love. I made plans to surprise my long distance boyfriend at college and have a lovely, happy Valentine’s Day reunion and I was so excited. Finally I’d spend the day of love with a human being instead of my dog! However my parents were less enthusiastic… So here I am, alone for Valentine’s Day again.

Although this day often focuses on romantic love, that isn’t the only type of love out there.  Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, it’s important to recognize that, and show yourself some love.  Here are the five ways you should do that this Valentine’s Day.

1. Focus on self care.

Light a candle and read your favorite book or magazine, get outside, do some yoga, or whatever it is you like to do to focus on yourself.  Self care is so important every day of the year, but if you need an excuse to prioritize it, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.  Tyler O’Connell (‘19) practices self care by taking care of her skin and taking a relaxing bath. She says, “taking time for just you is so important. Self care is therapeutic to me; it can make a bad day so much better.”

2. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself.

Buy yourself some extra cozy pillows or do a face mask.  You deserve it! Plus, if you don’t have to worry about spending money on someone else, you might as well treat yourself.  You’ll know the money is well spent since no one knows your ideal gift better than you.

3. One word. Food.

Whether it’s ordering your favorite takeout, or getting creative in the kitchen, good food should be a priority on this day — especially dessert!  O’Connell is known by her friends as an amazing baker.  During her free time, O’Connell loves to bake cakes from scratch and perfect her decorating skills.  She says baking is, “a really fun process with an even better result.”

4. Reflect.

It’s easy to go through your day to day routine without much thought so taking the time to reflect on your emotions and opinions is essential.  Lauren Reid (‘19) journals whatever is on her mind if she can’t focus.  She finds it puts a cap on her stressors.  “Reflection is important because when you reflect on things new perspectives come out of it and you’re able to see the bigger picture.  I think journaling is a good way to reflect because it’s tangible and you can go back to it if you want to.”  

5. Lastly, don’t forget to spread the love and put a smile on someone else’s face this

Valentine’s day.  Call a friend or family member, compliment a stranger, donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore, or participate in community service.  Julianna Caldicott (‘19) has been volunteering at the community health center in Portsmouth, Families First, weekly since September of 2015.  She says, “volunteering doesn’t just benefit the people you help; it benefits you.  I leave there each week with a sense of happiness and inspiration to do more good.”

Try out these five self love ideas for your most memorable Valentine’s Day yet.  Hopefully you feel so good you start celebrating yourself the other 364 days of the year, you deserve it!