7 Ideas for You and Your Friends to do Outside this Summer

     The first few weeks of summer are always great.  You can finally sit at home and enjoy sleeping in past 7AM.  But soon after, you start doing the same thing over and over again. You need new ideas to get you and your friends out of the house and outside.  Here are seven ideas for you and your friend to do this summer:

  1. Go Camping

     Pack the marshmallows and weenies! Camping can be a really great getaway for you and your friends this summer. It is relaxing, cheap, and you’re bound to make some good memories with your crew. New Hampshire is home to numerous awesome campgrounds, surrounded by trees and water. Pawtuckaway State Park rents out campgrounds for just $25 dollars a night. You can swim in the lake, go on hikes nearby, and finish the night off with a campfire and s’mores. It’s an awesome escape from the rest of the world and can be very calming. “The quietness is so sweet,” said Stephen Orlych (‘18), speaking of a place in Strafford that he likes to camp with his friends.  “Usually there’s no service for your phone so you’re with the people you’re with, and that’s it,” he added. If you’re like Orlych, and don’t want to splurge the money to rent a campsite, you can pitch a tent in a clearing in the woods. However, if you plan to do this, make sure you get permission from the owner of the land.

Enjoying  a s’more by a campfire

2. Hike

     Hiking is an odd concept. You struggle and sweat your way up a steep incline, for what? To see a nice view? However, there’s a reason why so many people love it.  “You get an insight on life that you don’t get anywhere else,” said Henry Keegan (‘19). Similar to camping, hiking is a great way to escape the rest of the world for a bit. It’s therapeutic to surround yourself with nothing but nature, only interrupted by the occasional other hiker. The views you will see can’t be captured in a photo. You can go on a challenging all day hike, such as Mount Flume (4,327’) or an easier, half day hike such as Mount Major (1,785’).  Either way, you’ll get a great workout in, and see some spectacular views. Don’t forget the trail mix!

Eleanor Zwart (’18) atop Mount Flume

3. Diana’s Baths

     New Hampshire  is home to many tourist sights.  However, as a New Hampshirite, it’s easy to skip out on the classic attractions.  If there is one place you should check out, it’s Diana’s Baths. Located in Bartlett and within the White Mountain National Forest, Diana’s Baths is a series of small waterfalls caused by snowmelt. Due to this, the water is rather ~refreshing.~ But, on a hot day, what could be better than wading around some waterfalls? Jessie Mulligan (‘18) went on her birthday with some friends a few years back. They spent the day “lounging on the rocks and enjoying the beautiful weather.” She admits, “the water was freezing, but we still went underneath the waterfalls and jumped in the little swimming holes.”

4. Glen Ellis Falls

     If you’re as into waterfalls as I am, you definitely need to head to Glen Ellis Falls. Unlike Diana’s Baths, there is only one waterfall, but this is one spectacular fall! Standing 64 feet tall, Glen Ellis Falls is off of Route 16 in Jackson, NH. You can fully swim in this water hole, but probably only for a minute at a time because it is cold. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful sight. You can make it a full day trip by hiking one of the nearby mountains too, such as Wildcat Mountain.

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Swimming in Glen Ellis Falls

5. Jump off Wiswall

     Everyone who attends Oyster River High School has to jump off of Wiswall bridge at least once. Wiswall Road, in Durham, runs over the Lamprey River and is a very popular hang-out spot for young people. “It’s a great place to go on really hot and sunny days in the summer,” said Noah Cote (‘18) who has been jumping off the bridge for nearly 15 years. At about 15 feet above the water, it’s high enough to get a little adrenaline rush but short enough that you won’t be too scared to jump. For those who have been jumping off of Wiswall for years, you can mix it up by jumping off in different conditions such as in the rain or dark. However, before you make the leap, make sure you are in a safe spot as there are rocks that can pose a threat.

6. Rollerblade literally anywhere

     Long gone are the days where walking around downtown Durham was considered an exciting adventure. However, you can reverse time and make it fun again by simply throwing on a new pair of shoes, rollerblades. You can cover three times the distance in the same amount of time and it’s just plain fun. “Everything goes by really fast downtown Durham on rollerblades,” said Mike Green (‘18). Rollerblade to the Dairy Bar and get ice cream, then down to the Mill Plaza, then go around Sammy’s Parking lot a couple times. Green suggests rollerblading around the UNH campus.  “The windy sidewalks and walkways are lots of fun,” he said. Just don’t fall in front of everyone!

7. Picnic at Prescott Park

     So maybe all these active, timing consuming activities aren’t your forte. You’re looking to relax with your friends on a random weekday night. An awesome summer activity for you? Picnic at Prescott Park. Located on the water in Portsmouth, it’s an awesome place to chill with your friends. They offer numerous events such as concerts, plays and outdoor movies. You can walk around downtown for a while before the event, grab some takeout, and head down to the water to eat while enjoying a show. “We went to Flatbreads and walked down to Prescott Park early.  Then we played cards in the grass and ate pizza while we waited for the movie to start,” explained Katie Hoppler (‘18). Shows here are much cheaper than the movie theater or other concerts. Admission is simply a suggested donation. Hoppler said, “they provide such good things. I always give them a few dollars.”

     Doing any one of these can turn a boring, stay-at-home day into a fun memory.  Summer is long, but never long enough. Make use of the sunshine and warm weather while it lasts.  Don’t let your summer slip by without going on any fun adventures or making great memories!