Meet The MOR Staff

Jordan Zercher (‘19)


Jordan is Editor in Chief of Mouth of the River this year. Following her position last year as Business Manager, Jordan continues her leadership role on staff. She explains her excitement for being Editor in Chief saying, “I love editing and getting the opportunity to read everyone’s articles. For me it was something I really wanted since last year and I’m really grateful to have the position.” Outside of class, Jordan is involved in theatre and is the president of the senior class. As a Parmesan Goldfish loving journalist, she explains her ideal Friday night as, “watching Gilmore Girls with my mom in our bed with the electric blanket on.”

Grace Castonguay (‘20)


Grace is the Layout Editor on staff this year. When she first learned about the magazine her freshman year, she was, “inspired and encouraged by the idea of a group of motivated students working on something creative that takes a lot of time and hard work.” Grace is a member of the girls cross country and track teams. If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, Grace, “would go to Greece with who ever said they wanted to go with [her],” she said. Grace’s go-to after school snack is, “Skinny Pop, watermelon, and an iced coffee, all in tandem.”

Carola Davis (‘19)


Carola is the Photo and Art Editor on staff with year. She continues her journalistic career after finding a great attraction to journalism while in J1. “I really enjoy journalistic writing and thought it would be cool to share stories with the Oyster River community,” said Carola. If provided the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world she would want to go to, “Santorini with my two best friends.”

Alana Ervin (‘19)


Alana, a self proclaimed hula hoop master, is the News Editor on staff this year. She joined MOR  because, “I love to write and I love being involved in Oyster River’s culture and activities.” One of Alana’s many hidden talents is her ability to recite a large portion of Pi. She is a passionate singer/songwriter, but is also very active in politics. “I’m planning on majoring in political science and attending law school, enabling me to pursue my dream of helping low income families as a defense lawyer,” Alana explained.

Lucas Hamilton (‘20)


Lucas is the Schedule Manager for MOR this year. “My sister was on MOR for two years and I always saw how professional the magazine was,” said Lucas. “It seemed like a really rewarding thing that I wanted to be a part of.” Lucas is a member of Oyster River’s Model United Nations club as well as a player on the boys varsity hockey team. On Saturday nights, Lucas looks to catch up on as much sleep as possible, “I would want to get to bed pretty early. I think I was awake five hours this Saturday in total.”

Phoebe Lovejoy (‘19)


Phoebe returns to the Mouth of the River staff this year as the Multimedia Manager. She had the opportunity to work on many creative projects last year as Layout Editor. “I loved getting to use that side of my brain and get to work with things that I wouldn’t get the chance to in any other class,” Phoebe said. When asked about her most embarrassing high school memory, Phoebe recalls a memory during her freshman year in Mr. Bromley class. She explained, “I was leaning back in my chair and pulled the huge science table down onto me… falling out of my chair, with the table on top of me, all my papers soaked in water.”

Devan McClain (‘19)


Devan returns to staff for the second year in a row continuing her work as an editor, this year in the Features Department. “I had such a great experience being on staff last year and thought it would be nice to continue that into this year,” she said. Devan is a captain on the girls varsity soccer team as well as a state champion sprinter. She enjoys vegan pizza and hikes with her dogs, Teddy and Sasha. Her ideal summer car ride song would be, “a mid 2000’s throwback,” she said.

Joe Morrell (‘20)


Joe is the Website and Social Media Manager for MOR this year. He joined MOR because, “It provides the unique experience of improving my writing, sharing stories with the community, and working with many dedicated and hardworking people.” Joe is a three year member of the boys varsity basketball team,  and also plays soccer and tennis for Oyster River. When asked what his average Wednesday night looked like he said that he would most likely be at some kind of game, practice, or workout. “There’s nothing like being at practice until 9:30 when you have an article due at midnight that you haven’t started,” he said.

Abby Schmitt (‘19)


Abby is the Business and Events Manager on staff this year. “I had a really good time last year and I wanted to return because I wanted to continue to improve my skills as a writer, connect with more people in the school and community, and journalism is a great way to do that,” Abby said. She will be a twelve season athlete when she graduates, competing in soccer, track, and lacrosse. Her favorite breakfast item is waffles and she loves to hike, “one of my main goals is to hike all of the 4,000 footers in New Hampshire,” she added.

Susanna Serrano (‘20)


Susanna is the Subscription and Ads Manager for Mouth of the River this year. She joined the staff because of her love for writing. “Journalism means you always have a purpose for writing and people are going to read what you have to say.” Susanna has the unique ability of sleeping during any part of her day,“I was able to fall asleep during every one of her classes freshman year,” Susanna said. She is a member of both the Oyster River ski and softball teams. Her ideal rainy afternoon activity would be, “at home with friends, baking or somewhere curled up with a book.”

Anna Sourdif (‘19)


Anna is the Op-Ed Editor this year on staff. “I was really inspired by the students taking control of a class. I really like the mission of MOR, to inform the student body and talk about issues that aren’t widely known,” she explains as her reasoning for joining the magazine. In ten years, Anna hopes to be a psychologist with her own practice. Anna has played clarinet for eight years and is a member of the Oyster River Studio Orchestra. “My ideal Sunday morning would be to get up, have a cup of coffee. I like to drink coffee outside and read British Literature, specifically Sherlock,” she added.

Owen Tonkin (‘19)


Owen joined MOR as a senior and and is the Sports and Culture Editor of staff. “I fell in love with journalism in J1, and I thought J2 would give me the opportunity to cover some interesting stories both in the school and the community,” he said. Throughout his journalism experience at Oyster River, Owen has been reunited with his long lost twin, Mr. Kelly. He is a four year member of the boys varsity baseball team. Owen is also an avid fisherman and sports enthusiast. Fishing is one of Owen’s favorite things to do with his friends, “we all go fishing, kayaking, fishing trips or pretty much anything competitive.”

Quinn Wilson (‘19)


Quinn enters his first year as a part of MOR as the Print and Circulation Manager. “I like journalism, the style of writing is more personal. It creates a connection between the author and reader. Being on staff allows me to create that connection with MOR readers,” he said. If given a million dollars, Quinn would like to go skydiving, multiple times. Quinn is an avid soccer enthusiast, playing soccer all four years at Oyster River, he describes his ideal Sunday afternoon as, “going to the UNH fields to shoot soccer with my friends.”