DeMeritt Hill Farm’s 2019 Haunted Overload

DeMeritt Hill Farm’s Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire is known for its creative costumes and talented actors that divert attention from the lengthy wait, as well as entertaining guests throughout the entire night. With more guests attending every year, the horror event runs from mid-October to early November. As guests enter Haunted Overload’s hair-raising attraction, they are greeted with their popular wooden skull monument. The structure’s piercing aesthetic appears several times throughout the event and is a motif that they experiment with every year.

Jack-o’-lanterns glow in the blue, foggy fields outside the Haunted Overload trails, in which haunting figures hide, waiting for approaching guests to scare. Standing in line is half the fun, with characters constantly approaching you as you wait. However, the carved pumpkins creepily stare at guests as they begin to enter the real attraction.

Blindly entering the foggy and dimly-lit paths, guests undergo a thrilling experience when unexpectedly greeted by various characters dressed in frightening costumes; clowns, dolls, and scarecrows are only a small portion of the creatures that call Haunted Overload their home. Lasers, fog, skeletons, and pumpkins are only a few of the many decorations that adorn the haunted paths that guests travel through while screams and cries sound from the woods. 

With terrifyingly realistic actors jumping out at you, screaming is inevitable. Around every corner is a new monster waiting for your footsteps to trigger a scare. Most costumes are made by the actors, but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice quality. Chainsaw whirs and shouting constantly come from the trees, but it’s much easier to catch your breath and have a laugh once you exit the attraction.

Zom-Bob waves survivors goodbye as they catch their breath after experiencing the trails of Haunted Overload. Most of the terrifying costumes are made by the actors, but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice quality.Though they screamed throughout the entire night, guests laugh, knowing this was an experience they’ll never forget. As the triumphant leave, new blood enters the woods, not yet aware of what’s to come.