Meet the Freshman Class Officers

Each year at Oyster River High School, a new class of student government members are elected, and the Class of 2023 has nine new faces hoping to make changes in their school community.

These nine students will work together in meetings through the rest of the 2019-20 school year with the goal of raising money for their class fund. They all share unique perspectives to help represent a different sector of the school community and inform their decision making.

This new group met has met every Tuesday since October 8th. Class Advisor and Spanish teacher Wendy Gibson said, “it seems like this group wants to focus on activities that will unite the class rather than solely on fundraising.” 

Below is a brief biography of each of the officers, including their goals as a student government officer, and some fun facts about themselves.

The Class of 2023 Student Government discusses plans for the upcoming movie night.

Sabrina Golden – President

Golden had looked forward to joining Student Government for a few years but did not think she would actually go through with it. “I like being involved with making a change, and I think I’m a good leader,” she said. She has enjoyed her experience so far and looks forward to the future, and described her fundraising goal by saying, “everyone should be able to do what they want. Money shouldn’t be a boundary for field trips and activities.” She plans on participating in the school’s swim team this winter.

Justin Partis – Vice President

Giving a voice to his classmates drove Justin Partis to join student government. He said,  “I wanted to make sure my grade was being fairly represented.” Partis said he hasn’t seen too much he wants to change as a student government member so far. He said,  “there’s a lot of stuff that is way better than middle school, policy-wise.” Partis also enjoys basketball and playing the cello.

Cathrine Stevens – Secretary

Cathrine Stevens enjoys the self-advocacy aspect of Student Government, and takes pride in having a say in what happens. “We haven’t done that much, but we’ve done enough that I know I made the right choice wanting to be in the [Student] Government,” she said. Stevens enjoys running and being outdoors, and looks to plan events that will bring the Class of 2023 together.

Tyler Nelson – Treasurer

Nelson joked that the only reason he joined student government was for college applications, but he has enjoyed his experience so far in the group. “I’m definitely enjoying it, and I’m looking forward to what it’s going to turn into later in the year,” he said. In his free time, Nelson enjoys playing tennis, video games, and like Partis, enjoys playing the cello.

Lexie Frangos – Senator

Lexie Frangos joined Student Government because she was discontent with decisions made at her middle school in Barrington. “As a high schooler, I definitely want to be more involved in the choices Student Government makes for the grade and school as a whole,” Frangos said. “It’s been interesting learning how everything works and how the school gets itself on its feet every day.” Frangos hopes to throw successful dances and fundraise enough money for prom her junior year. In her free time, Frangos enjoys cross country, basketball, lacrosse, and hiking.

Lia Hegarty – Senator

“I wanted to be more included in my school community, and both my parents were a part of student government and they said they had a lot of fun,” said Hagarty. After one meeting, Hagarty said, “it’s a pretty great community, and I’m excited to get work done.” In her free time, Hagarty enjoys playing soccer, theatre, and hopes to throw a dance this year.

Emily Liu – Senator

Liu wanted to join Student Government because she felt she had a lot to contribute. Liu has had a strong first impression of the group, and,“I really like the environment we collaborate in,” she said. She also noted that her peers on Student Government were supportive, friendly, and have many ideas going forward. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin and reading. Liu’s goal is to fundraise through Student Government.

Julia Kinsey – Senator

“When I was in middle school, there were a lot of big changes made by the administration, and I felt that the students weren’t being represented at all […] now that I’m in high school, I want to make sure everyone is being represented,” Kinsey said. After the first meeting, Kinsey said “I think it’s going to be really fun to get to plan and organize things.” Kinsey also enjoys playing the piano and biking in her free time.

Kelly Zhang – Senator

“I like representing [people], and I think it’s really important the student’s voice gets heard by the administration,” said Kelly Zhang about what she enjoyed about  Student Government. Her first impression of the experience is good, she said, “I think we’re a really good group of people, and we have some great ideas such as a movie night and 50/50 raffles.” Her primary goal is to unite her class, noting how many students come from different places, whether inside or outside of the district. In her free time, Zhang enjoys running cross country and playing ice hockey.

The freshman class officers have most recently planned a movie night, which is currently slated for this Friday, November 15th with the goal of throwing an event to unify their class. Admission is free to the Class of 2023, the event will begin at 7 PM. They will be showing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Photo taken and article written by Sean Moriarty