Things to do in Quarantine

I know I‘ve definitely been bored in quarantine, and I’m sure everyone else has too. Social distancing allows for everyone to have more free time on their hands, sometimes so much time that we don’t know what to do with it. There are many ways that free time can be used effectively. I’ve been spending time with family, taking time to declutter my room and house, walking my dog, and all around getting extra rest that I didn’t know my body needed. Whether you take up a new hobby or revisit an old one, catch up on self-care, or read a book, there are multiple things that a person could be doing rather than just doing nothing, feeling unmotivated, and complaining that there is nothing to do. Here are some ideas and inspiration for anyone who is looking for something to do.

Try “tapping into your creative side” suggested Mia Hricz (‘21).  Exploring your creativity is beneficial for relieving stress both in and out of quarantine. “I’ve been experimenting with new things, trying to make the most of my quarantine days,” said Hricz. With the extra free time that she has on her hands, Hricz has found herself motivated to branch out. “I’ve been learning piano, painting, and cooking. I have also been baking a lot which is really fun and a stress reliever for me as well,” she said. If you do not have something that relieves your stress, now would be a great time to find one. 

If arts and crafts don’t interest you, you could focus on your physical fitness. Jen Nadig (‘21) would be in the middle of her track season right now, if the season hadn’t been cancelled due to the virus. Nadig has been motivated to do workouts and exercises that she would normally be doing during track practices to keep up with staying fit.

“Nick Riccardi, the Track and Field coach at ORHS, used to give workouts for the sprinters for if we did go back, but since track is cancelled I’ve been doing my own thing such as anaerobic exercises, core, and running,” said Nadig. 

Like Nadig, Nathan Mendoza (‘22) has continued to work out and get outside as much as possible. “Since there is not much to do during quarantine, I have been making the most of exercising and being able to get my daily dose of Vitamin D.” Mendoza has been training for soccer to keep in shape for the future seasons. But if you are not an athlete like Nadig or Mendoza, even just getting out of the house to go for a walk, or doing work outside, is a great alternative to feeling cooped up in the house all day. There are also many online workout programs that are currently offered with no fee. 

Another activity that you may not have the time for normally is cleaning and organizing. Both Hricz and Nadig explained that they have spent time cleaning up their houses and rooms. Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to get everything done when it comes to chores around the house. Quarantine has allowed people to have time to go through their things and clean up thoroughly.  

“I’ve had time to clean my room and organize a lot of different places in my house like the kitchen cabinets, the basement, and the garage too,” said Hricz. 

Spending time with family is another way to pass the time. Gabrielle Anderson, a teacher at ORHS, has enjoyed that she and her family members are no longer tied down to a strict schedule. “I have been enjoying the slower pace. Usually we have a lot of activities that usually make me feel like I need a vacation from my weekend. Now we are walking more as a family and playing more games,” said Anderson.

 Focusing on yourself, not just physically, but mentally is another thing that you could try while social distancing. Sofia Testa (‘21) has not only practiced self care physically, but also mentally, by embracing her curiosity and exploring her creativity through art projects and literature. “While practicing social distancing and keeping myself at home, I’ve had some time to reflect on how I’m feeling and really just give myself that space to be curious and imaginative,” said Testa. She continued to say, “I remind myself to have some extra self love mentally during this confusing time. Since many of us are feeling lost right now, I think it’s important to check in with ourselves.” Tetsa has been taking advantage of the time she has to reflect on how she is feeling and focus on and practice what makes her happy. 

Social distancing and staying home can be difficult, but there’s no avoiding it. Hopefully from reading this, you have gotten some ideas on how to effectively use the time that you have, instead of feeling bored and waiting for social distancing to end.