Coffee House Quarter 2

Issue two Coffee House has arrived! Watch some of Oyster River High School’s most talented musicians and artists showcase their talents to celebrate the release of our second issue.


  1. Sofia Testa: Ivy by Frank Ocean 
  2. Grace Gallagher: She Used to be Mine by Sarah Bareillies
  3. Hannah Mussieg: Blackbird by the Beatles 
  4. Mrs. VonOeyen: Who Knows Where the Time Goes by Sandy Denny 
  5. Iris Inglefinger: (Cello Suite 6, Allemande – Bach)
  6. Juno Ball: Townie by Mitski
  7. Sofia Testa: Evermore by Taylor Swift 
  8. Hannah Muessig: Landslide
  9. Evy Ashburner: Seasonal Depression by Mxmtoon 


  1. Hannah Jeong
  2. Matteo Caruccio
  3. Ari Antonelli
  4. Chase Amarosa 
  5. Ria Varki
  6. Olivia Gass
  7. Madla Walsh
  8. Bella Crocco
  9. Johanna Deziel
  10. Ella  Daniels
  11. Acadia Manning
  12. Madelyn Marthouse