Your Shoe Sign

At Oyster River, there is a wide variety of the shoes seen walking around the hallway. These shoes can say a lot about how you personalize your style, as well as the type of person you are… at least to me. With that knowledge and thought process, I have decided that giving people the meaning behind their shoes could not only make you feel more confident in the footwear you wear, but also help you wear other footwear that may match to your personality. It is also important that a wide range of shoes is included in this, so hopefully each person can identify with a shoe they wear. What I am giving here is a mock horoscope of what your shoes say about you, and what you should do, which includes little tasks, numbers, or colors you should involve in your life based on the shoes, as well as don’t, which are tasks, numbers or colors you should avoid based on your shoes. These however, are not real, but maybe they will end up applying to your real life. This is purely to encourage the diversity of shoes.

Image from Converse

Converse: Converse are a classic shoe. People who wear Converse find comfort in the everyday shoe, and thrive in and enjoy the reliability they provide. Just take Carmela Williams’ (‘22) word for it, who says Converse “are comfortable and go with everything.” People with Converse find joy as well in the customizable wear, and the fact that the shoe is tailored to their everyday needs. These are shoes that make it easy to walk up from first floor classes to third floor classes. Especially if they’re platforms. If today you are wearing Converse, find confidence in yourself. Do: caffeine, loud music, and a to-do list. Avoid: greens, long strings, and scratchy sweaters. 

Image from GQ

White Sneakers: The same as Converse? No way. White shoes offer a person the ability to wear any colors they want in their outfits, and know that no matter what, the shoes will always match. White shoes are for people who find comfort in everyday living and routine. White shoes do not make you basic, but according to Sofia Sarzosa (‘22), “they are a good basic to have.” If today you are wearing white sneakers, find joy in exploring outside the box, knowing inside that your outfit is matching. Do: bright sunsets, a new book, and your homework. Avoid: excessive tissues, the number 8, and taxis.

Image from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Sport/Running Sneakers: Athletic sneakers offer a person the ability to have an extra pep in their step every day. They give you an extra leg up and ensure that when walking through the hallway. “They’re perfect for a lot of outfits I wear, a mix of sporty and casual,” says Tess Pueschel (‘22). Embrace the sporty and vibrant energy you are putting off today in your sporty shoes, but make sure you aren’t late to class running from the parking lot to the front door. Do: light jogs, a new water bottle, and the color blue. Avoid: tense situations, silver jewelry, and long nails.

Image from Journey

Uggs: No matter the length, color, or style of Ugg boots you are wearing, you are a warm person inside and out who can provide comfort to others, as well as know you’re a warm person on the inside and outside. You have an energy around you that attracts others, and are an approachable person that can be friends to everyone. They give you warmth on days when you may not feel yourself, and Madelyn Marthouse (‘23) agrees, saying, “they’re a comfort shoe when you’re feeling sad.” Find self love in your Uggs today. Do: skincare, a new journal, and a new ring. Avoid: math problems, new hairstyles, and zip-ups.

Image from Amazon

Doc Martens: A person who wears Doc Martens is naturally bold. They have a passion for thinking outside the box and embracing the difficulties in life in order to find solutions. People who wear Doc Martens tend to make emotional connections to their special pair because of the individuality it provides for people. Kim Gowell (‘23)  confirms this by saying, “I have an emotional attachment to mine and believe they make any outfit better.” Find a content feeling in the happiness your Doc Martens provide you. Do: flannels, a new phone wallpaper, and star shapes. Avoid: backhanded compliments, belts, and sunglasses.

Image from CAT Footwear

Work Boots: People who wear work boots are natural helpers. They never fail to notice a problem, a physical one or a personal one, and will always work to solve it in any way they can. They provide safety and are like a best friend that is always there for you. Asa Colby (‘23) says, “they’re comfortable and also waterproof, so it’s easy to work in.” If you are wearing work boots, know you are a good fixer, and many people see that in you. Do: good smells, fast drives, and your favorite movie. Avoid: bright lights, technology, and long conversations.

Image from Birkenstock

Birkenstocks: Birkenstock people are healers. They are kind souls who may seem fragile, but are always tough on the inside. They will never fail to stand up for themselves and others around them, but always in a kind hearted way. Birkenstock is made for all speeds of the day. “They’re sandals with durable soles. I can run in my Birkenstocks freely,” says Eleanor Raspa (‘23). Not only can they compliment a summer look as well, but they also give you a cozy and free feeling when worn with fuzzy socks. If you are wearing Birkenstocks today, find joy in soaking up the sunlight in your life, even if it’s not outside. Do: the color orange, berries, and a warm blanket. Avoid: yogurt, plain flavors, and bees.

Image from Acadamy Sport

Crocs: Crocs may have holes in the shoe, but they can pull together the most random of outfits. Crocs provide you with a waterproof feel, meaning they can take you on adventures on land and underwater. They are always a friend you can count on. “They’re comfortable, easy footwear and I can slide them on in a hurry,” says Michael Blouin, a science teacher at ORHS. Crocs are a bright color and always make you stand out. A Croc is a shoe that will always be down to go on any adventure with you and provide the support you need, even if that’s a quick getaway with the strap down. Do: sandy roads, big cars, and rain. Avoid: wet towels, gardens, and electronic watches.

No matter what shoes you wear and how you choose to express yourself, it’s important that you never let others prevent you from embracing the shoes you wear. Shoes at the end of the day are meant to make you happy and don’t have any serious correlation with the events I predicted, or maybe they do and I’m a psychic. Happy Shoe Searching!