Editor’s Comment Relating to “Rachael Blansett Confirmed as the ORCSD’s First DEIJ Coordinator”

Editor’s comment, 6/13/2022: Since Mouth of the River published the article “Rachael Blansett Confirmed as the ORCSD’s First DEIJ Coordinator” on June 2nd, significant controversy has arisen surrounding Blansett’s hiring and the creation of the position. Much of this discussion has taken place underneath links to the article. MOR’s editorial board would like to clarify that the Mouth of the River is a student publication and does not represent the SAU or the ORCSD administration. This article was intended to inform the community about Blansett’s hiring, not to serve as an official hiring announcement. The editorial board also encourages the community to remember that this article was written and edited by students. We ask that readers remember the values of kindness and compassion that are emphasized in our district and make the choice to treat the writer, the new DEIJ coordinator, and each other with civility.