Bobcats v. Bears: Oyster River Beats Coe-Brown in Boys Soccer Rivalry Rematch 

#8 Anders Eisenhaure (’23) taking a shot on goal

In a tough matchup Tuesday night, October 11th, 2022, Oyster River High School (ORHS) (10-2-2) beat their rival Coe-Brown Northwood Academy (CBNA) (9-3-1) 3-1 at home. Coming off a 1-1 tie at home versus Hollis-Brookline (10-3-1) last Tuesday and a 2-0 win at Milford (5-9-0) last Thursday, the team was confident going into Tuesday’s game.

The Oyster River Varsity team in a pregame huddle

Just before the start of the game, the team huddled together in front of their goal. They had 3 objectives: have fun, take chances, and, most importantly, stay positive. However, Oyster River knew they needed to start out strong to compete with Coe-Brown. Having lost 2-1 at CBNA earlier in the season, the beginning of the game was critical. “We knew we needed to score, and we knew we needed to start hard. We’ve been kind of starting a little bit flat-footed… We knew we needed to do better,” said Eisenhaure, in reference to the team’s performance in recent games.

#9 Hunter Perry (’23) dribbling up the pitch during the first half

During the first half, both teams started strong. With lots of contact and back-and-forth play, the score remained 0-0 for most of the first half.

Eisenhaure celebrating with the team after scoring first goal of the game

But, in the 35th minute, Eisenhaure scored with an assist from #25 Torin Saunders (’25), giving Oyster River a 1-0 lead. “You gotta take chances to score, and I had been shooting all game up to that point… [Saunders] was willing to pass the ball back… [but] eventually, with the amount of dominance we were showing in that game, we were going to score. It didn’t need to be me, but it was gonna happen for somebody.”

Eisenhaure facing Oyster River’s net after CBNA’s first goal

However, one minute later, Coe-Brown scored their first goal, tying the game 1-1 just 3 minutes before half-time.

Oyster River conferring under the lights at half-time

At the half, Oyster River knew they needed to continue their momentum despite CBNA’s goal but the team didn’t need to make changes to their play style to accomplish that. Going in the second half, Perry said, “We still had some momentum even after [CBNA] scored to tie it. We were ready.”

The ORHS Student Section shortly after half-time

With the student section and other spectators cheering, both teams headed back out onto the turf for the second half. The large crowd at the game helped ORHS keep up their energy and composure throughout the night. “We wanted to make sure we maintained our composure throughout the whole game, which is always a big factor when there’s a big crowd at home,” said Eisenhaure.

Perry preparing to take a penalty kick

In the 47th minute, Perry was fouled in CBNA’s goalie box, leading to a penalty kick. After a lot of team movement and pushing the ball up the field, Perry said, “We finally got it close enough to where they had to do something, and they just fouled me.” Perry stayed calm, although under pressure with the crowd watching, and took the penalty kick.

CBNA’s goalie after missing the save for Perry’s penalty kick

Perry scored, bringing the score to 2-1, and giving the lead back to ORHS.

#4 Ty Dorrow (‘23) hustling to keep the ball inbounds during the second half

Perry’s goal propelled the team through the rest of the game. “Once we scored that, the other team was not as into [the game] as we were, and we didn’t really give the ball to them at all after that. They didn’t have any chances, so I think that kind of sealed the deal,” said Perry.

ORHS goalkeeper #1 Kyle Butts (’23) making a save in the second half of the game

Although CBNA made many attempts to score as the game continued, no attempts were successful, and Oyster River’s 2-1 lead remained well into the second half.

Perry taking a shot on goal late in the second half

Oyster River continued to pressure CBNA, whose defense had few substitutions in the second half. This allowed Perry to connect with the ball quickly after he returned to the field, reenergized after being subbed off for a portion of the second half. “I used my energy against them when they didn’t have any,” said Perry.

Perry running towards #5 Brady Luczek (’23) with the rest of the team trailing him, and holding up 2 fingers to the crowd

In the 73rd minute, Perry scored with an assist from Eisenhaure. This goal, Perry’s second, brought the score to 3-1, locking in the win for ORHS.

Butts after making another save late in the second half

CBNA continued their scoring efforts through the final minutes of the game, but to no avail.

Dorrow going to high-five #00 Evan Whalen (’24) following the end of the game

After a long-fought game, Oyster River High School topped Coe-Brown Northwood Academy 3-1, breaking CBNA’s 4-game win streak. Perry says, “We’re all really excited after that win, and we’re ready for the next game.” The team is excited to get back onto the turf and is staying positive with playoffs approaching. Come support the team for their next game tonight at home versus Pembroke at 7pm, with senior night at 6:30pm!

Oyster River’s captains conferring after the game. Left to right: #6 John “Chuck” Vittorioso (’24), #7 Andres Alcocer (’23), Eisenhaure, and #23 Nicholas Jurrissen (’23)

– Justin Partis