Oyster River Homecoming is Back for Round Two

     “An Oyster River rave is what it was,” Harrison Burnham (’25) said, describing the homecoming dance that took place at Oyster River High School (ORHS) for the first time in eight years last fall.

     Now, the homecoming committee has been meeting and organizing so the event can become annual. To them, the most important part of this plan is making sure students have enough interest to attend, while keeping the committee alive.

     This year, homecoming will take place on October 20th, from 7-11 in the ORHS cafeteria. Tickets will be sold two weeks in advance, during all lunch periods in the week of October 2-6th, for $15, cash only.

     The committee chose the date and time based on the responses to last year’s homecoming. The hope is that school spirit from the pep rally, during the day on 10/20, will build engagement and an exciting atmosphere during the dance.

     This year’s homecoming is set to be just as exciting as it was the first time around, and the committee is hoping for attendance and participation to rise. “We had no seniors on the committee last year, and I feel like they might have thought it was lame. And then, I talked to a lot who said ‘Oh I wish I went to it’” said Emily Walsh (’24), a member of homecoming committee.

     Attendance from this year’s seniors is anticipated by the committee. Still, they want to encourage underclassmen to attend, to spark new interest and create a tradition out of homecoming.

     Amalie Trump (’26) attended during her freshman year. “It’s really fun and it’s just a good experience… we don’t have a lot of events to go to,” she said. Especially without access to prom, underclassmen may not experience other opportunities like homecoming. Burnham agrees. “It’s sort of the only event we have until junior year.”

     Hopefully, the underclassmen in attendance find enough appeal to continue the dance for the next years of their high school career. Walsh said, “I want it to be continued after we leave.” 

     Principal Rebecca Noe agrees with this idea, saying, “Student interest is what brought it back. As long as students want it, then there becomes a student led committee to help organize it… we have it.”

     Homecoming would not have been possible without the drive of Siena Schaier (’24), who organized the committee during the fall of 2022 after hearing talk from students. “I knew this was something that all the classes wanted… all other schools have a homecoming. We don’t have a football team, but this is something that would mean a lot to people,” Schaier said.

    Noe immediately recognized the initiative Schaier was taking and began to help her coordinate the event. “As long as it’s up to kids, as long as students want it, then we should have it, right? It shouldn’t be admin driven,” Noe said. She’s just as enthusiastic as she had been the first year to help out for the second year.

     Schaier encourages any student who might be on the fence to give it a chance and try attending with an open mind. “It is very much worth it… they’re not expensive tickets at all. And it’s so fun. People have an amazing time, only good things to say about it. So definitely go.”

– Amelia Rury

Image courtesy of Maddie Joy