Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

We hope that this finds you safe, healthy, and at least six feet away from other people. We hope that you’ve read Emily Hamilton’s article, written with a number of students in Journalism 1, about remote learning at the high school for the most up to date information. 

Given the circumstances, MOR has, unfortunately, had to cancel both the release of issue 3 and Coffee House for issues 3 and 4. While we hope to be able to publish a physical magazine for issue 4, we’re uncertain about what the next few months will look like at ORHS and, like you, will be making decisions as we get information. 

In the interest of continuing our coverage of relevant events at Oyster River, we will be posting the articles that would’ve been in Issue 3, the first article, Holly Reid’s story about the meaning of dreams, was posted today and will be followed by Emily Hamilton’s op-ed about being honest about your sleep habits. We will also be continuing to post stories that detail the impact that Covid-19 has had on the ORCSD and the community.

Issue 3 saw a variety of articles, including the two articles about sleep described above, which you can find represented in our cover.  Issue three also saw us come together as co-editors in chief to write “A Decade in Review,” a look back at the biggest events of the 2010s at ORHS, which you’ll be able to find on our website on April 8th.

We appreciate your continued support of Mouth of the River and all of our writers. Over the next few months, we hope to continue to keep you informed about the happenings of our community. We encourage you to keep up to date and stay reading!

As always, we hope that you will enjoy reading our articles as much as we have enjoyed writing them.

Until next time,

Susanna Serrano and Joe Morrell 

Co-Editors in Chief