Bruno Mars Performs in Boston

  The lights dim as the crowd erupts into cheers.  The first few notes of the hit song Finesse begin to play, and the audience immediately rises to their feet.  The curtain drops and there he stands, sporting his signature baseball cap and sunglasses: Bruno Mars.

  Mars took the stage on October 7th at the TD Garden in Boston for the latest stop of his 24k Magic World Tour.  This was a highly anticipated show, as it was his first concert in Boston since 2014.  Mars played for almost two hours, covering many of his most popular songs, including “Uptown Funk”, “Locked out of Heaven”, and That’s What I Like”.  

  Mars first came onto the pop music scene in 2009, when he was featured on the popular songs “Nothin’ on You” and “Billionaire”.  The following year, Mars released his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, for which he won a Grammy.  He has since released two more albums, Unorthodox Jukebox in 2012, and 24k Magic in 2017.  His four Grammys, three hit albums, and two Super Bowl performances have made Mars one of the most successful and popular musicians in the industry today.

  Mars showed off his many talents throughout the entirety of the concert.  He played the guitar during portions of his set, while many of his songs included complex and fast paced choreography.  Kelsey Wiles (‘19) noted this as the highlight of the concert.  “Not only does his voice sound amazing, but he can dance too, which made it even better,” she said.

  Even while he was occupied with singing, dancing, and guitar playing, Mars still managed to engage with the audience.  His performance gave off fun and positive vibes which seemed to rub off on the audience, who sang and danced along with every song.  It’s clear that Mars relies on the energy of the crowd to keep his energy up throughout his performance. “It’s Saturday night and I’m ready to party!” Mars told the audience.  Fortunately for him, the crowd came ready to do the same.

  Wiles noticed that the party vibe of Mars’ show was much different from concerts she had been to previously.  “He makes his show a full experience with dancing, special effects, and an incredible band,” she said. “He made it very extravagant.”

  Among the many impressed audience members was Ben Harriton (‘18), a longtime fan of Mars. “I’ve always thought he’s one of the best performers out there,” Harriton says.  This was Harriton’s first time attending a concert, and he went into the evening with high expectations.  Luckily, he was not let down.  “The whole show was very impressive,” Harriton said. “He definitely set my concert standards very high”.

  While some performers tend to attract only younger audiences, Mars’ unique taste and style appeals to all ages.  This was evident when looking out at the crowd.  “There were plenty of teenagers, but lots of adults as well.”  Harriton said.  While Mars’ music seems to resonate with adults due to its 80’s sound, teenagers like Wiles feel that Mars has been the soundtrack to their youth. “For kids my age, he’s just one of those classic people,” Wiles said. “I remember belting out his songs when I was younger, and I still enjoy his new music today”.

  Mars took the stage again at TD garden on October 8th, and will perform in the US for a few more weeks before heading to South America.  Mars is scheduled to be on tour until the spring of 2018.  Until then, audiences around the world will experience a high energy concert that will keep them dancing, singing, and partying.

Writer: Maisie Cook

Picture Credit: Skye Hamilton