Social media exploded with posts of outrage at the results of the election itself and I’m sure that the question has crossed many people’s minds of “how could this happen?” Well, I’ll tell you how: Someone didn’t vote […]

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Below is MOR’s first ever interactive article. We give our thanks to the Soggy Po’ Boys for giving us permission to use their music. All songs are from their album, Perhaps It’s Time to go Home. Photos by Chris and Nick Dundorf.

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It’s a Friday night in mid September. The air is cold and crisp. Students, teachers, parents and community members gather under bright lights to watch the girl’s soccer team play their first game. However, unlike games in years past, this one is unique. This is the first time that students, teachers, parents, and community members would gather under the lights of the new facilities at Oyster River High School […]

“Wait, there’s voting tomorrow?” Questioned one New Hampshire resident after another when contacted in a phone banking session on September 12th, the day before the gubernatorial primary in which residents of New Hampshire would elect their candidates for Governor. “I don’t even know the candidates.” Replied one, “It doesn’t really affect me personally.” Said another, “Please stop calling me.” pleaded many […]

“Lawrence has helped me see things differently in my artwork. He doesn’t try to be superior and talk to us [students] like we’re just kids. It’s kind of hard to put into words how he’s impacted me as a person because he’s very inspiring and influential, and unlike any teacher I’ve ever had,” says Emma Sassaman, who is taking advanced art class this year […]